why is my vape leaking what causes it and how to fix it

One of the most annoying problems with a vaping device is when it leaks. Even though e-liquid is cheaper now than before, it’s still not cheap, and you don’t want to waste it. Plus, a leaking vape can make a big mess, especially if it spills in your pocket or on a table. So, it’s important to know how to prevent leaks.

Different types of vapes can leak for different reasons. This guide will help you troubleshoot and fix a leaking vape tank, pod system, or disposable vape. But first, let’s look at some common reasons why vapes leak.

Why Does My Vape Tank Leak? How to Stop It

why does my vape tank leak how to stop it

If your vape tank is leaking, here are some common reasons why and how to fix them.

Using the Wrong or Damaged Coils

Coils are made for different styles of vaping. Using the wrong coil can cause leaks. For example, low-resistance coils are for mouth-to-lung vaping, and high-resistance coils are for direct-to-lung vaping. Using the wrong coil can let too much liquid through, causing leaks. Also, damaged coils can’t wick e-juice properly and might leak.


  • Check the coil rating before buying and make sure it matches your vaping style.
  • If your coil is faulty, replace it. It’s good to replace coils every two weeks.

Broken or Poorly-fitted Seals

If your vape tank is leaking from the bottom, it might be because the seal is broken or not fitted properly. Vape tanks have seals between the cap and the tank that can wear out over time. Coils also have seals to prevent e-juice from leaking into other parts of the device.


  • Use the spare seals that come with your vape kit to replace old ones.
  • Make sure your coils are fitted and sealed correctly.


Overfilling your vape tank can cause leaks. Putting too much e-liquid can flood the coil or leak past the seals. Some people accidentally put vape juice into the chimney, which makes the tank gurgle and leak.


  • Use the correct nozzle tips for refills.
  • Don’t fill past the horizontal line in most vape tanks.
  • If e-juice gets into the chimney, clean it with a paper towel.

Keeping Your Device Horizontal

Keeping your vape device on its side can cause leaks through the airflow holes. This is especially likely when your tank is half-full.


  • Always carry and store your device upright.

Damaged O-rings

O-rings are small rubber rings that seal parts of the vape tank. Over time, these rings can get ripped, causing leaks.


  • Replace damaged O-rings with new ones.

Improper Inhaling Technique

Sometimes leaks happen because of how you vape. Vaping is different from smoking. If you inhale too quickly, you might suck in vape juice instead of vapor.


  •  Take slow, steady draws when you vape.

Improper Wicking

This usually happens with DIY or rebuildable vape tanks. If there isn’t enough wicking material, the device won’t hold the liquid properly, causing leaks.


  • Use more cotton to re-wick the coil or use a better wicking material.

Misaligned Components

Sometimes the components of your vape might not be lined up properly, causing leaks.


  • Take your time to reassemble every part slowly and carefully. Align all the threads and screw all the components together properly to make your vape leak-free.

Poor Maintenance

Not cleaning your vape device regularly can cause leaks. Cleaning helps eliminate any vape juice build-up that can reduce your device’s durability and performance.


  • After prolonged use, disassemble your tank and drain it. Scrub away residue using a cotton swab, then soak the tank or pod in alcohol and water for at least one hour. Dry the insides with a cotton swab and leave it to dry. Also, clean the cartridge, battery, charging port, and mouthpiece to keep your device working well.

By following these tips, you can help prevent your vape from leaking and enjoy a better vaping experience.

Why Is My Vape Leaking into My Mouth?

why is my vape leaking into my mouth

One reason you might feel hot e-liquid in your mouth is that you’re vaping the wrong way. Vaping is different from smoking. When you smoke, you can take short puffs, but vaping needs more time. The e-juice needs to heat up for a few seconds before you inhale.

If you don’t let the e-juice heat up long enough, you might suck in the liquid instead of the vapor. To fix this, take slow, short draws. This gives your device enough time to heat and turn the e-juice into vapor.


No one likes it when their vape leaks and drips e-juice. It can ruin the fun of vaping and make the experience worse. Thankfully, this article explains why your vape might be leaking. It could be because of an overfilled tank, a damaged coil, or using the wrong vaping technique. Once you figure out what’s causing the leak, it’s usually easy to fix.

Regular maintenance is key. Clean your device often to remove any build-up that can cause leaks and affect performance. If these quick fixes don’t work, you might need to ask an expert for help. And if your vape is still under warranty, consider sending it back to the manufacturer.

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