If you use Esco Bar for vaping, there might be some discouraging moments where your device won’t be producing vapor and you might wonder why is my Esco Bar not hitting. It could be due to a lot of reasons and not knowing any of them might be troubling. Here, in this guide, you will learn all about the common reasons which could cause them and how to resolve it. Let’s learn about them in detail to find out the real culprit in your case!

Why Is My Esco Bar Not Hitting; Checking The Battery

why is my esco bar not hitting checking the battery

When an electronic device doesn’t work, the first thing which user must look for is the battery. Because if there is any issue with the battery then the device won’t work and won’t even start in some cases. Similarly, if the vape isn’t hitting up, users need to look for their battery to see if it’s in good condition or not. The most common cause of an Esco Bar not working properly or producing vapor is a depleted battery. 

Users must check the battery level and if its not sufficient, they should charge it to make sure the device has enough battery to function properly. When the device charges completely then the users can now restart their vape and inhale because now it will produce the required vapors. However, if the battery doesn’t work even after the recharge, then there is an issue with the battery itself. A battery replacement with a new one can solve this issue. 

Coil Inspection

coil inspection

The purpose of coil is to produce heat so that the e-juice gets heated up and produce vapor. When the vapor is produced, it is inhaled through the mouthpiece. If there is an issue with the coil, it might cause the device to have issues with hitting up. The coil can get worn out with use. 

When the battery is in good condition then you must check the coil to see if it’s in proper condition or not. If there is any damage or residual buildup, you need to replace it with a new one. Another problem which can occur with the coil is the poor connection with battery. If the coil and battery aren’t properly connected, they can cause the device not to work or even start.

Checking E-liquid Level

checking e liquid level

E-liquid works like the fuel for vaping devices. If they get low on e-liquid then the device won’t function properly. If the device isn’t hitting up, you should check the e-liquid level and see if it’s not sufficient. Refill it so that it gets enough fuel to function again. 

The wicking and vaporization cannot occur without sufficient e-juice. It’s also important that you always refill your device with proper e-juice which is compatible with your Esco Bar. If it’s not compatible then it will negatively affect the vaping device and it won’t function at all. 

Checking Airflow 

checking airflow

Some vaping devices do not have a start button instead they use the draw activation mechanism where you inhale through the mouthpiece and it activates it. If the airflow is blocked, the activation won’t work. Because when you will draw, the obstruction will not let it happen and you will end up with your Esco Bar not hitting up. Usually, the dirt or gunk gets buildup which causes such hurdles. It’s important that you clean the airflow so that it eliminates such issues. Esco Bar also allow airflow settings and you can adjust them to see if it solves the issue or not. 

Trying Another E-juice

trying another e juice

Many different types of e-juices are available in the market. For instance, some are thick whereas others are thin. If the e-juice is too thick, it won’t start the device as it gets too hard to draw on it. It also leads to reduced vapor production. Different e-juices have varying ratios of PG and VG. You can try with a different e-juice which is relatively thinner and it can solve your issue. 

Cleaning Esco Bar

Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential. If you have a disposable vape, you can discard it once it’s empty. But if it’s a normal vape which can be refilled and reused, you need to maintain it by making sure every part and compartment is clean. The coil gets clogged and the seal might break, all these things needs to be taken care of. 

If the battery is damaged, you need to replace it so that the device isn’t affected. Because it happens that when the battery which is worn out is used, it takes a lot of effort and puts a lot of pressure on the device. As a result, the device gets worn out more quickly than you ever expect it. Each part is linked to eachother and hence you need to take care of each part individually to make sure the device works perfectly as a whole. 


When the Esco Bar doesn’t hit up, there might be some issues which can be resolved once inspected. Start with the battery, if its low, recharge it. If it doesn’t work after recharge, just replace it with a new one. If this doesn’t solve the issue, move towards coil inspection and see if the coil is worn out or clogged.

If it’s not in good condition, you need to either clean it, or you have to replace it. If the e-juice is low, refill it. If nothing works, see if the airflow is clogged or not. Clean the airflow and clean the whole device. The last thing you can try is to use another e-juice which is less thick. It will resolve the issue. 

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