Esco bar vape devices are becoming more popular daily and have gone through the roof. These small vape devices are popular because of their different colors, flavors, and reliability. When you have had a vaping craving, just bring an Esco bar from your pocket and start puffing. But when you start vaping instead of a smooth and relaxing puff, you get a nasty, burnt hit. You must be thinking, Why is my ESCO bar burnt? A burnt taste can ruin your whole day or vaping session.

Almost all vapers face the same situation once or several times. There can be many reasons for a burnt taste. The good news is that it can be avoided or resolved in many cases. So if you’re wondering why is my ESCO bar burnt? How can I make my Esco bar last longer? or how do you fix a burnt Escobar? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn in detail.

Why Is My Esco Bar Burnt?

why is my esco bar burnt

It can be a frustrating situation for a vaper to experience a burnt hit during his vaping session. In such a situation, a vaper can think, Why is my Esco bar burnt? There can be many factors

A dried atomizer coil’s wick has a burned taste coming from a dried atomizer coil’s wick. When the concentrate does not completely saturate the wick, it will start giving a dried hit, and continued dried hits will lead to burned hits. Once a cotton wick is burned, it can’t be fixed; you have to change your Esco bar. 

A malfunctioning Esco bar can be another reason for a burned hit. In this case, you should contact the seller and demand an exchange of the device or a refund. Always buy your vaping products from a reliable store.

Chain vaping can also be a reason for a burnt taste. When you vape continuously without giving your device’s coil a reasonable amount of time, it will start to burn and give you a burned taste.  

High wattage can also be another reason for a burnt taste. When you vape at high wattage, it starts vaporizing your device’s e-liquid faster instead of heating up. 

Vaping with the wrong e-juice All Esco bars are incompatible with all e-liquids. When you use the wrong VG juice for your device, it can also be a reason for a burned taste. 

Old or scorched coils When you vape with an Esco bar with old or scorched coils, it can be a reason for a burnt taste. 

old or scorched coils

How Can I Make My Esco Bar Last Longer?

Usually, an Esco bar comes with puff counts ranging from 250 to 6000 puffs. You can extend its life by taking care of it with simple steps. First, make sure to charge your Esco bar before use. Charging it correctly can prolong its lifespan. While charging an Esco bar, keep an eye on its indicator light. Once the device is fully charged, remove it from charging. Before a vaping session, always clean the device and mouthpiece with a clean fabric piece to remove any dust or debris from them. While you are not using the vape device, keep it in a dry and cold place. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or heating it. 

Only use your Esco bar when it is truly needed. Moreover, avoid chain vaping and rest the device between two puffs for a reasonable amount of time. Do not vape on high wattage and take short and deep puffs; also avoid long and short hits. The most important thing to make your Esco bar last longer is its e-liquid. Ensure your device’s coil wick is properly saturated with concentration while vaping. You can make your Esco bar last longer by following these simple steps.   

How Do You Fix A Burnt Escobar?

If you are wondering why is my Esco bar burnt, and how I can fix it, here are some tips to follow on your own at home to fix a nasty or burnt taste while vaping an Esco bar. Proper care and maintenance of your Esco bar’s coils is a great foundation for a vaper. 

Prime the coils Always prime the coils of your Esco bar before using it to avoid a burn hit.

Clean the tank and coils of your Esco bar 

clean the tank and coils of your esco bar

when you get a burnt puff. Clean the tank and coils of your Esco bar with warm water and a piece of cloth. Remove any dust or debris from e-juice on your tank walls for a smooth and pleasant vaping experience. 

A few dry drags without inhaling When you take a few dry drags without inhaling, it will heat the coils of your device, and any residue on it will be removed in this way.

Remove the mouthpiece to avoid a burnt taste. You can remove the mouthpiece and take a few drags for a smooth and pleasant flavor experience. 

Blow the atomizer If you still get burned hits, try to blow into the atomizer to dislodge any debris and burned puffs. Blow gently to avoid damaging the atomizer or coils. 

Keep the tank filled It is a good practice to keep your Esco bar’s tank filled so that the wick of your device stays saturated with e-liquid to avoid any burned taste or hit.

Use the right vape juice

use the right vape juice

All vape devices are not compatible with all vape juices. Always use the right vape liquid to avoid a burned taste. Also, use the right vape battery with the right vape device tank.

Replace the coils Regularly replace your vape coils when they are needed to fix a burned taste. 

You can troubleshoot the frustration of experiencing a burnt hit with your favorite Esco bar easily by following these simple tips and tricks. Understand the factors contributing to this nasty and unpleasant burned taste. Whether it’s a dried atomizer coil, a malfunctioning device, chain vaping, high wattage, incompatible e-juice, or old coils, this article has provided insights and solutions. Taking care of your Esco bar through proper maintenance, priming the coils, cleaning, and using the right e-liquid can significantly enhance its lifespan. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a delightful vaping experience, free from the unpleasantness of burnt hits. So, if you’ve been considering, why is my Esco bar burnt? worry no more!

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