Elf Bars are sleek and convenient box-style devices famous for their ease of use and flavorful experience among vapers. If you are new to Elf Bar and it doesn’t hit as desired right out of the box, or if you are an old Elf Bar user and your Elf Bar stopped puffing suddenly while you hit it, do you know why this happened? This is an annoying situation that nobody wants to face. With the right knowledge and a little patience, you can fix many common problems in no time, like why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? If you are facing this frustrating situation and want to know its causes and solutions, I am going to explain the right techniques and solutions so you know exactly what to do next time it happens. Keep reading if you want to know why my elf bar is not hitting but is lighting up. In this article, I’ll share some helpful tips to avoid future issues and get your Elf bar back on track.

Why is my Elf Bar not Hitting but Lighting Up?

why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up

If you purchase a new elf bar and it is not hitting but lighting up, or if you are vaping an elf bar and it suddenly stops working, there might be some reasons behind it. Here are some main reasons and their solutions to get your elf bar back into action in no time. 

Airflow Blockage

If you purchase a brand new elf bar that is not hitting, the reason can be an airflow blockage. At the time of manufacturing or transportation, some e-juice can obstruct the Elf bar vent. You have to clean up debris and blow air into it to clear the vent. 

Battery Activation

When you purchase a new elf bar, it has a battery that is automatically activated when you start puffing. If your brand new elf bar’s battery is not properly activated, it can cause less vapor production. You have to start vaping slowly. Gradually, it will register your inhaling habit so that you can activate its battery in this way.   

Clean the Mouthpiece

clean the mouthpiece.

If debris is present at your elf bar’s mouthpiece, it will not hit. You can clean the mouthpiece by removing it from the elf bar and cleaning it with a cotton swab or alcohol. Ensure you have dried it up completely and put it back on the elf bar to enjoy smooth vaping. 

Check the Battery Level

If your elf bar stops puffing suddenly, don’t worry. Be relaxed and check the battery level of your elf bar. If it needs to charge, you can recharge it, but if it ends up exceeding its limits, then you have to change your elf bar. 

Inspect the Coil

inspect the coil

Inspect the coil If your elf bar is not hitting and it tastes burned, this is the most noticeable thing that vapers can experience when their elf bar stops hitting. You can replace the coils of your elf bar or replace your elf bar, depending on the time and situation.    

Secure Internal Connections

Always check the elf bar’s internal connections whenever it stops hitting but lights up. A running elf bar stops working; check all the damaged parts and loose connections very well. Why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? If there is a need to change any damaged parts or tighten or loosen the connections, you can also do these simple tasks at home and assemble the elf bar perfectly after finishing the repair, but if you are not sure, then contact your elf bar supplier or repairer.   

Out of E-Liquid

out of e liquid

Why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? When you find your elf bar lighting up or blinking but stopping to hit, check the e-juice of the elf bar. If your elf bar is out of e-liquid it can be a reason for stopping hits. There are some disposable vapes in which you can see the level of e-juice but if not, then check it manually. Add some e-juice of your choice to make your elf bar work again, but if it is not in repairable condition, then go for a new one. 

Clean Your Elf Bar

Why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? Whether you purchase a brand new elf bar of your choice and taste or you are an old elf bar user, always clean your elf bar to increase its life. Whenever you find your elf bar is not hitting properly but lighting it up, it is a must to clean the elf bar thoroughly. You can do it at home by yourself but if you are not able to do that, just go to an expert or repairer to clean your elf bar. 

Why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? These are some troubleshooting tips and tricks for your elf bar, which is not hitting but lighting up. Remember to check these steps whenever you find any frustrating situation during your vaping time. If you don’t find these tips useful in your situation, you have to go to an expert repairer. He will definitely find the issue and fix it according to the elf bar. 



Why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up? Whether you are a new elf bar user or a new vaper, you may be facing a critical situation while having fun with friends or spending your favorite time vaping, and your elf bar stops hitting. This is a frustrating situation that nobody wants to meet. Whenever you purchase an elf bar and find it is not hitting but lightning up or faulty, you should contact the supplier or retailer for maintenance or exchange of the product. Don’t forget to check the authenticity of your device. Always remember to purchase from an authentic or reliable store for a smooth and amazing vaping experience.

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