We’ve all felt that unexpected burn in the throat when we’re just trying to enjoy our vape. It’s not the smooth experience we were hoping for. Instead of the taste of our favorite flavor, we’re left wondering, “Why does my vape burn my throat?”Whether you’re new to vaping or have been at it for a while, it’s one that’s worth answering. Let’s dive into why this happens and how we can make things better.

The Basics of Vaping

the basics of vaping

For those new to vaping or simply curious, understanding the basics can make the experience more enjoyable and safer.

E-liquid Components 

Beyond PG, VG, and nicotine, e-liquids can contain flavorings and sometimes other additives. Choosing reputable brands is essential to ensure you’re inhaling safe substances.

Vape Devices

There are various devices, from simple vape pens to advanced mods. Your choice will influence your vaping experience, so do your research and choose what suits your needs best.


Regularly cleaning your vape device ensures it works correctly and lasts longer. Clean the tank, replace coils as needed, and charge batteries safely.

 Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat

why does my vape burn my throat

1. High Nicotine Strength

The Link Between Nicotine and Throat Hit:

Nicotine is a primary ingredient in many e-liquids, and it can play a significant role in the sensation you feel when vaping. Higher nicotine strengths can lead to a stronger ‘throat hit’. This sensation is desired for some, but for others, it might feel like a burning in the throat.


If you suspect that the nicotine level is the problem, consider switching to a lower nicotine strength. Many vapers find their sweet spot after some experimentation.

2. PG/VG Ratio

What are PG and VG?

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the main base ingredients in e-liquids. PG tends to deliver a sharper throat hit compared to VG, which is smoother and produces denser clouds.


If you’re wondering, “Why does my vape burn my throat?” check the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid. Going for a higher VG ratio may help alleviate the harshness.

3. Coil Burnout

Signs of a Burnt Coil

If your vape tastes burnt or the vapor production has decreased, it’s possible that the coil is burnt out. A burnt coil can contribute to a harsh and unpleasant throat sensation.


Regularly change your coil or replace the pod if you use a pod system. Ensure you properly prime new coils before use.

4. Vaping Technique

Fast and Furious

Taking rapid or long puffs without allowing the coil to re-saturate with e-liquid can cause what’s known as a ‘dry hit’. This can be incredibly harsh on the throat.


Take shorter puffs and give your vape a little break between each drag. This allows the coil to soak up more e-liquid, reducing the chances of a dry hit.

5. Dehydration

Vaping and Moisture

Vaping can be dehydrating. When your throat is dry, the vapor can feel much more abrasive, leading to the burning question, “Why does my vape burn my throat?”


Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when vaping.

Understanding Your Device’s Limitations

understanding your devices limitations

Every Vape Has Its Range

All vapes, whether they are simple pens or advanced mods, have optimal operating ranges. Pushing your device beyond its limits can produce a hotter and harsher vapor which might irritate your throat.


Understand your device’s limitations. Avoid maxing out the wattage or temperature settings, and always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Quality of E-Liquids Matters

Not all e-liquids are made equal. Cheaply made or counterfeit e-liquids might not only harm your device but can also contain impurities that irritate the throat.


Invest in quality e-liquids from reputable brands and suppliers. Check for reviews and certifications to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

Age Can Improve Flavor

Just like wine, some e-liquids can benefit from aging, a process called steeping. It can enhance flavors and sometimes reduce the throat hit.


If you find a particular e-liquid harsh, try steeping it for a week or two. Store it in a cool, dark place and shake it once in a while.

Keep An Eye On Allergies

Some vapers might be sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG). This can result in itchiness, hives, and, of course, a burning sensation in the throat.


If you suspect you have a PG sensitivity, switch to e-liquids with a higher VG ratio. If symptoms persist, it’s crucial to see a medical professional.

Menthol and Cooling Agents

Menthol or other cooling agents are popular in e-liquids. For some, they provide a refreshing experience, but for others, they can feel harsh and cause a burning sensation.


If you feel discomfort using mentholated e-liquids, try switching to non-menthol flavors to see if it makes a difference.

Tips to Avoid Burning Your Throat

tips to avoid burning your throat

If you want to avoid that burning sensation caused by vaping, here are some tips for you to follow.

Opt for Smooth Flavors 

Some flavors can be harsher on the throat. Creamy or fruit-based flavors are often smoother than spicy or citrusy ones.

Adjust Airflow 

If your device allows, adjust the airflow. More air can lead to a cooler and smoother vape, reducing throat irritation.

Inhale Technique 

Consider a mouth-to-lung inhale, where you first draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs, similar to smoking a cigarette. This can be gentler than direct lung inhales.

Stay Updated 

The vaping industry is always evolving, with new devices and e-liquids regularly hitting the market. Stay updated on the latest trends and safety advice.

The Bottom Line

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience, not one that leaves you asking, “Why does my vape burn my throat?” Understanding the potential causes behind this sensation and making the necessary adjustments can ensure a smoother, more pleasant vaping journey. Always remember to listen to your body, stay hydrated, and make changes as needed to find your optimal vaping setup.

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