Vaping is great fun unless and until someone starts wondering why am I getting e-juice in my mouth. Such situations can create a mess and even the taste of your mouth will be negatively affected. Such things can be avoided by just following some basic rules. In this comprehensive guide you will learn about the common causes and how to resolve them. Let’s learn more about them to make sure you do not encounter it!

Why Am I Getting E-juice In My Mouth; Understanding E-juice and Vaping

why am i getting e juice in my mouth understanding e juice and vaping

E-juice is the basic component of vaping devices and works as the essential element. It’s a liquid which is composed of various components in a mixture. These components include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, nicotine and additives like sucralose or ethyl maltose. Each e-juice works the same, but what makes them different is the flavor and ratio of base ingredients. 

For instance, some are fruit based whereas others have dessert flavor. Even some are nicotine based and others are free from it. When people know about the composition of their e-juice, it helps them make informed decisions about their consumption. Each component have its own effect. When the nicotine is in high content, it gives throat hit. The base ingredients of PG and VG affect the vapor production. 

Common Causes: Leaking and Overfilling

common causes leaking and overfilling

Each vape has various compartments. Each is tightened to fix with eachother. It has tank that contains the e-juice and if it isn’t properly sealed or the seal is broken, it will lead to leakages. The e-juice leaves the tank and then moves to the mouthpiece from where it enters the mouth and often gets ingested through inhaling. 

It causes severe risk when it gets into the lungs or even when ingested because it has many components which can cause irritations and poses health risks. It often occurs when the O ring or the seals within tank aren’t properly sealed or they are worn out. When the seals are broken, the e-juice seeps out of the tank and causes an unpleasant vaping experience for the users. 

Broken seals aren’t the only cause of getting e-juice in mouth. Sometimes, overfilling the tank with an e-juice can also cause the same issue. The tank has to be filled but not too much because when it’s too much, it can lead to oversaturation of not just the wick but also cause seeping when the vape is inhaled. 

Vaping Technique: Mouth-to-lung vs Direct Lung

vaping technique mouth to lung vs direct lung

Getting e-juice as you vape is indeed an unpleasant experience but the technique a person uses to inhale their vape makes a big difference. There are two methods, one is mouth-to-lung vaping technique and the other is direct lung vaping. In the first technique, it is similar to smoking a cigarette. The vapor is drawn into the mouth and it is then inhaled into the lungs. 

When a person transitions from smoking to vaping, they usually use this technique because this is what they are used to and finds comfort in. However, there’s this other technique which is direct lung vaping where the user doesn’t hold the vapor in their mouth and inhales it directly into their lungs. It’s a popular technique among those who are expert with vaping devices. 

They enjoy it as it allows producing large clouds of vapor. Each method has its own benefits but has a lot of challenges too. Mouth to lung vaping increases the chances of e-juice leakage and users might get it in their mouth wherever such risk is minimized with direct lung vaping. 

Coil Issues: Flooded or Gurgling

coil issues flooded or gurgling

Coil heats the e-juice and if its optimal conditions are disturbed, the entire vaping experience will be affected. For instance, if the coil is flooded with e-juice, or is gurgling due to the residual buildup, it will indeed adversely affect the vapor production. Not only the vapor but also the inhalation will be affected. People will complain about getting e-juice in their mouth because the e-juice will seep through the coil and will eventually end up in their mouth. 

It makes the entire experience unpleasant because who wants to inhale juice instead of dense vapors. It occurs either because of the overfilling or because the material of wicking isn’t sufficient. When the wick doesn’t absorb the material well, it ends up getting in your mouth. Gurgling occurs when the coil has buildup over it or the connection between the tank and the coil is poor which results in gurgling of fluid and it moves out towards the mouthpiece. 

If the coil is maintained by cleaning regularly, these issues can be avoided. People do not pay attention to these basics and they end up getting e-juice in their mouth. If they keep a leveled e-juice in tank, keep their coil clean and all the compartments tight while checking the seal, they will be able to avoid such unfortunate events from happening. 


E-juice is a basic component required for vaping but if it gets into your mouth, it makes everything bad. You might not even want to touch your vape again. There are some common causes which people do not give attention to. These include overfilling of tank, low quality wick material, broken seals, poor connection and coil being worn out. Even residual buildup can affect the vaping experience and may cause such trouble. In order to avoid these things from happening, one must keep their device in check by proper maintenance and cleaning. 

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