Wisdom Tooth removal is a painful process. It leads to swelling and inflammation. In order to learn about when can I vape after wisdom teeth removal, it’s necessary to understand the basics of it first. An introduction to what a wisdom tooth is necessary along with the time it takes to heal. Different alternatives to vaping are also available in the market to make the healing process easier for individuals. Let’s learn more about it!

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal what is a wisdom tooth

The third molars present in the corners of the mouth are called the wisdom teeth. One of each four is located in all the four corners. They usually emerge when an individual reaches the age of 17 to 27. The age is not restricted to that as many people develop them earlier or later in their life. 

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; Why Does It Need Removal?

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal why does it need removal

In some individuals, the wisdom teeth do not emerge properly. It does happen that some people find it difficult for their morals to develop right from the start. The reason might be the angle with which they are emerging out or they might not find enough space to come out. 

These factors create complications and then under such circumstances, the wisdom tooth has to be removed. The extraction process helps in relieving any existing problem or will be helpful in eliminating the risks of developing it in future. It is removed by giving general anesthesia to patients. 

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; How Long Does It Take To Recover?

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal how long does it take to recover

The recovery process varies from person to person. Not all individuals have a similar reaction to the extraction process. However, the general recovery period takes about a few weeks. The entire recovery process can be broken down into three phases. The initial phase includes the first 72 hours after the surgery. This phase is critical as people experience swelling and bleeding during this period of time. 

It’s a discomforting phase and the pain must be managed as per the guidelines provided by the physician. Pain killers are usually provided along with an advice to go for ice packs to reduce inflammation. The person undergoing surgery must not go for spicy and hot foods. During this period of time, vaping is strictly prohibited as it can worsen the condition and slows down the recovery process. 

The second phase begins with the 3rd day which lasts up to a week. During this phase, the swelling subsides. The pain killers are still to be taken but the diet can now be improved. However, it’s still prohibited to go for food components that are harder to digest. 

The third phase is actually the end of the second week. By that time, the majority of the individuals recover from it and the swelling is almost gone. However, the fourth phase is when the third week ends. A full recovery takes a few months. Therefore, the fourth phase cannot be neglected as a bit of stiffness or swelling is still there to be healed. The internal healing process takes some time and during that phase, individuals are advised to keep good care of their oral hygiene.

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; When Can I Vape Again?

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal when can i vape again

Everyone knows best about their own body. The healing process is different for everyone. Some might heal within the first two phases whereas others take about months. Vaping is not recommended during the healing phase. However, as people are addicted to it and require nicotine in their bodies to satisfy their cravings. They must consult their physician first to see how far they have come in their healing journey. 

If the wound is still fresh, the compounds in vape would slow down the healing process. However, if the healing has reached a certain level, individuals can vape. But there are certain tips which must be followed to avoid complications. A user must not draw intensely. As it would create a lot of suction and the pressure on the wound would increase the risk of injury. The wound might start to bleed again. 

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; Alternatives

when can i vape after wisdom teeth removal alternatives

People are usually vaping because they are transitioning from smoking. They need the source of nicotine. For such individuals, it’s hard to control their cravings. But vaping right after wisdom teeth removal is risky. Therefore, various relatively safer alternatives can be considered. These include the nicotine pouches and gums. They wouldn’t contain the various irritants like that in the E-liquids and wouldn’t need the user to draw and provide suction on a vape. Therefore, they wouldn’t hurt the wound while satisfying the nicotine cravings in people. 

It is still important to consult your physician before opting for any of these options. Because as mentioned earlier, not all cases and individuals are similar to each other. Some might be even sensitive to the nicotine itself and therefore all sources of it must be avoided to prevent complications. 


People who vape are concerned about when they can begin their vaping after wisdom teeth removal. But the healing process is different among all individuals. The process takes anywhere from a week to months. The healing process is roughly divided into four phases. Some people heal completely within the first two phases. The care is necessary even in the fourth phase when people have mostly recovered from it.

Users can start vaping again when their wound has healed. If they are not able to control their cravings, they can consult their physician and then they can start vaping. But they must avoid putting a lot of suction on their wound, as it might bleed again. Various alternatives like the nicotine pouches and gums are also available which could be helpful in people recovering from wisdom teeth removal. Always keep your health first and cravings after that. Priorities matter especially when it comes to your life.

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