Nicotine in vaping is not an old concept. It was introduced in 2015 by the company JUUL. They introduced nicotine salts, and since then, people have been experimenting with their manufacturing. But what is salt vape juice?  Nicotine salts are known as salt vape juices, but they are different from free-base nicotine. They have natural nicotine in them. Let’s learn more about them!

What Is Salt Vape Juice? A Brief Introduction

what is salt vape juice a brief introduction

Salt vape juice is what is referred to as Nicotine salt. The nicotine which is present in freebase nicotine is not in its natural state. It’s harsh and leads to throat hits. Unlike freebase, Salt vape juice or the nicotine salt has nicotine which does not produce unpleasant effects. 

It’s a smooth experience for users who are interested in enjoying a higher nicotine strength without being harsh on their throat. The nicotine in freebase is not suitable for those who are switching to vaping in order to quit their smoking habits, because being harsh doesn’t provide similar effects. 

In order to understand Nicotine salt, we must learn what it really is. It’s a compound that is present in the leaves of tobacco plants. Tobacco is generally used in cigarettes. It was introduced in vapes by the company named Pax Labs. They introduced it in the year 2015. When they introduced it, it evoked a sense of competition among other companies. They started working on developing their own nicotine salts.

What Is Salt Vape Juice; What Makes Salt Vape Juice Special And Different From Other Products?

what is salt vape juice what makes salt vape juice special and different from other products

Salt Vape Juice is special because it uses nicotine in its natural state. The natural form doesn’t produce a harsh and lingering feeling in the throat. The main difference between Nicotine salt vape and freebase nicotine is the form of nicotine that is being used in them. 

In order to increase the bioavailability of nicotine, the freebase nicotine e-juice has a refined form of nicotine which increases its effectiveness but at the same time also increases the chances of throat hit through usage. 

Why is nicotine less harsh when it’s in nic salt e-juice? It’s because it’s less alkaline in nature. The lower levels of alkalinity make it less harsh. Not only that, it also gets readily absorbed in the user’s body. Due to these reasons, it’s an appealing option for smokers. As they are trying to switch to vaping, the smooth experience makes the transition easier for them. 

What Is Salt Vape Juice; How Is It Made?

what is salt vape juice how is it made

The process of Salt Vape Juice manufacturing requires the addition of nicotine into a base e-juice. As the nicotine salt is present within the tobacco leaves, it must be extracted from it. In order to do that, a combination of acids is used and the leaves are treated with them. It leads to the separation of nicotine salt from them. Once extracted, it is added to the base with flavorings. The ratio of base and nicotine salt differs from one manufacturer to another. It also depends on the flavor which is being developed.

What Is Salt Vape Juice; Pros And Cons

what is salt vape juice pros and cons

Everything that has been introduced to the market to date has benefits but also includes various disadvantages. The same is the case with salt vape juice. Some of the most prominent benefits include smooth delivery, rapid absorption, higher nicotine strength, fewer vapors, and an easy-to-use product. Smooth delivery of nicotine, means that users who find traditional freebase nicotine e-juice too harsh on their throat would be satisfied with it. 

When a smoker smokes a cigarette, the nicotine is quickly absorbed into the body. This type of absorption is not possible with freebase but with salt vape juice, the rate of absorption is similar to the one experienced through cigarettes. It makes it an excellent choice for people who are looking for alternatives to smoking. 

Freebase nicotine e-juices have a lesser quantity of nicotine. It makes the users vape again and again to satisfy their cravings. But with salt vape juice, as it comes in higher nicotine strengths, such cravings are easily satisfied and there’s no such need to vape in long sessions. Sometimes people are not interested in e-juices that end up pretty quickly. Salt Vape Juice produces less vapor and because of that, it doesn’t end up so easily. 

Apart from all these advantages, some of the drawbacks include a narrow range of e-juice flavors in salt vape juice. It is because the formula doesn’t work well with different flavors. Even though it provides a higher nicotine strength for users, it may lead to some serious complications if an individual doesn’t use it carefully. Increased intake of nicotine can be harmful. As salt vape juice requires a different manufacturing technique, therefore the cost is higher than freebase e-juice.

What Is Salt Vape Juice; Available Brands In The Market

what is salt vape juice available brands in the market

Different Salt Vape Juices are available in the market. Each comes in different flavors and has nicotine strengths. The most popular one is JUUL. They were the ones who introduced nicotine into the vaping world from traditional smoking. They have a variety of flavors available for vaping. Other than that, Naked 100 is a great option for users. It provides a high-end experience for people and also has a broad range of flavors from fruits to desserts. 

Some companies also provide unique flavors, unlike the basic ones. One such company is Salt Bae. For instance, they have Sweet Caramel Tobacco and different fruit punches with desserts to give it a nice twist. 


Unlike freebase salt, the salt vape juice or the nicotine salt e-juice is much smoother and more efficient for use. It doesn’t produce hits and is readily absorbed into the body minimizing the chances of continuous vaping sessions. Salt Vape Juice has various benefits but also comes with different disadvantages. It’s manufactured by extracting the nicotine salt from tobacco leaves and then mixing it with base. Different companies are offering it but JUUL is at the top of the list.

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