The Orion Vape is an innovative product from Lost Vape. Lost Vape is a popular brand of electronic cigarettes that has a special place in manufacturing high-quality vaping technology. You will get complete knowledge in the Lost Vape Orion review to know whether this product is worth buying or not. It is available in approximately 25 flavor ranges and distinctly colorful styles. The Orion Vape comes in 0%, 2%, and 5% nicotine salt, 18 and 20 ml of e-juice, and a 650 mAh rechargeable battery capacity. 

It has a puff count range of 7500–10000. An airflow controller that goes from a tight MTL to a narrow lung hit is one major reason for this amazing product. The lost vape Orion, a widely popular device, now has a new replaceable coil feature. It is almost 3” tall with a duckbill mouthpiece and almost as tall and wide as an elf bar but twice as thick. 

Lost Vape Orion Review

lost vape orion review

The Lost Vape Orion 7500 is one of the most popular disposable vapes. However, the Orion Bar 10000 is also gaining popularity among users. With a huge puff rating, an exciting design, and a digital LED light indicator to keep track of the battery and e-liquid levels, this device is a game-changer. The Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 comes in a colorful square cardboard box and in a transparent plastic wrapper that tears off easily. This device has a see-through plastic case with cover artwork printed on tubes, batteries, and the tank. This Lost Vape Orion review is a comprehensive guide to vape aesthetics This device looks like a miniature box mod. 

Features Orion Bar 7500

  • Device: Box-style
  • Dimensions: 84 x 48 x 25mm
  • Puffs: Approximately 7500
  • Nicotine strength: 5% (50mg/mL)
  • E-juice: 18 ml
  • Battery: 650 mAh rechargeable 
  • Airflow: Tight MTL 
  • Mesh Coil: 0.8 ohm
  • USB: Type C
  • Auto Draw-activated
  • Display: see-through/ transparent plastic

Since the device is transparent, you can see two visible sections in this device. The charging port, a small indicator light, and a sliding airflow controller are at the bottom of the Orion Bar 7500. Except for this small indicator light (that indicates when the battery is dying or firing) at the bottom, there is no more light on the device. The Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 is very easy and convenient to use and it gives a good hit to the throat. This Orion bar is ideal for an uninterrupted vaping session. 

How Long Do Orion Vapes Last?

how long do orion vapes last

In this Lost Vape Orion review, try to determine how long an Orion vape lasts. The longevity of a vape device like the Orion bar depends on the user’s habit of vaping and how often a vaper hits the puff will determine the performance of the Orion bar 7500. If the vaper takes short or long, light or deep puffs will also determine how long the Orion Bar lasts. 

An Orion bar 7500 offers a puff count of approximately 7500, which is not accurate. Sometimes it proves a wrong calculation due to vaping habits. 

  • If a vaper takes 50 puffs a day, he can last an Orion bar for 150 days.
  • If a vaper takes 100 puffs a day, he can keep an Orion bar for 75 days.
  • If a vaper takes 250 puffs a day, he can last an Orion bar for 30 days.

Is the Lost Orion Vape any Good?

is the lost orion vape any good

The Lost Orion Vape is a great choice to consider if you are looking for a vape device that lasts you all day. With a few cautions, the Orion Bar is a great disposable vape device. The entire collection presented by Lost Vape is excellent; all flavors meet expectations according to their names. They have a nice aroma and almost all the flavors taste natural. An adequate amount of ice is mixed in almost every flavor except cool mint. 

This vaping device is made of a 0.8-ohm mesh coil, has adjustable airflow, and has a small transparent screen that shows the vaper’s battery and e-liquid percentage. The airflow control also works well until the airflow is wide open. 

Who Owns Orion Vape?

Who owns Orion Vape is a must to know while looking for a lost vape Orion review in detail. Orion Bar is an innovative product of Lost Vape. In 2014, when vaping was in its initial stage, Lost Vape was established to design the latest, unique, and high-end aping devices with convenience and portability in mind. Frank Guo is one of those inventors who wants to launch an ease-of-use vaping device for the average user. 

In 2018, Lost Vape designed something innovative, and Orion DNA Go was accomplished. The Lost Vape is always on top when it comes to designing something new and revolutionary. The Lost Vape Orion and mini pod kits are their popular products. The company is now owned by Shenzhen Lost Vape Technology Ltd., which was established by Frank Guo. The company is devoted to bringing more new and high-tech devices to its users. 

How Much Nicotine is in Orion?

how much nicotine is in orion

In this complete Lost Vape Orion review, it is important to note how much nicotine strength is present in them. In the Orion bar, there are different nicotine strengths available, ranging from 0% to 5%. As far as talking about the Orion Bar 7500, 5% (50mg/50ml) nicotine salt is present there for a strong throat hit and to meet the cravings for nicotine.  


The Lost Vape Orion is an innovative and stylish vape device that is designed and assembled for vape aesthetics to keep in mind the user’s needs and portability. If you are a new vaper or an old smoker who is looking for a vape bar to satisfy his nicotine cravings. The Orion vape is a perfect choice for you to choose from a wide range of flavors. These natural and unique flavors give a strong mouth-to-lung hit through its MTL airflow adjustments.  Its unique and colorful design pleases your eyes. Each design and color combination meets the requirements of flavor. 

The see-through plastic casing makes you capable of seeing the battery and e-juice levels. The size of the Orion bar is perfectly fit to your hand and the device is portable and rechargeable. You can use an Orion Bar for almost 7 to 8 hours continuously and it will take 45 minutes to recharge a device with a type C charger plug-in charging slot at the bottom of the device. If you are looking for a true vaping device that meets your expectations, this Lost Vape Orion review guide will help you make a good decision. 

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