Vaping has become quite popular in recent years. People around the world are seen replacing cigarettes with vapes. With this surge, many vape brands and companies have arisen. One of them is the Lost Vape brand, which has introduced dozens of products for vape lovers. Among these products, the Orion bar stands out the most. Let’s see how to use Orion vape, its benefits, features, and a lot more!

Orion Bar Vape

orion bar vape

In the vape industry, Lost Vape is a well-known brand that is linked to superior vape technology and production.

Lost Vape sprang to prominence while thinking of reliable vape businesses, especially after they included the Evolv DNA chipset in a refillable pod vape known as the Orion—from which the Orion Bar gets its name.

Does the Orion Bar deserve its moniker? We’re not entirely certain. So, allow us to discuss the device’s history and marketing.

The Orion Bar comes in 15 different flavors, 5% nicotine, up to 7500 puffs, 18 mL of fluid, and a 650 mAh rechargeable battery. Additionally, the Orion Bar has an airflow controller that can switch between a restricted lung hit and a tight MTL.

As experienced vapers who are familiar with well-known brands in the industry, there is a certain standard—better yet, an expectation—that is associated with a vape device bearing the name Lost Vape in terms of construction and vape quality.

How to Use Orion Vape

how to use orion vape
  • Once the filling cap clicks into place, insert the pod by angling it into place and applying pressure.
  • Slide the cartridge lockdown to remove the Pod from the device and unlock it.
  • After removing the old coil, insert the new one firmly until it seats securely; you should hear two clicks.
  • To avoid leaks when replacing the used coil and tilting the tank to one side, make sure there isn’t any leftover e-liquid in the cartridge.
  • To open and add e-liquid to the cartridge, unscrew the filling cap. To stop leaks, make sure the cap is tightened right away after filling. Before using the new coil, please give it five minutes to get soaked.
  • Using the mouthpiece, take a breath and press and hold the power button. Take a breath and release the power button.
  • To change the draw tightness to your preferred level, use the airflow control ring.
  • Use the included USB cable to charge the device.
  • Using the included suction cup, you may remove the panels on both sides and replace them with fresh ones.

Some Other Instructions

some other instructions
  • Press the power button five times in a 2-second period to turn the power on or off.
  • To lock or unlock the power adjustment buttons, simultaneously press the “+” and power buttons.
  • Modify the power: To change the power, press the “+” or “-” buttons.
  • Clear puff counter: To clear the puff counts, press the power and “-” buttons at the same time.

How to Protect Your Orion Vape Device

how to protect your orion vape device

1. Auto-shut-off protection – If the power button is held down for more than ten seconds, the gadget will automatically shut off and display “Over 1Os” on the screen.

2. PCBA Overheat protection – “Too hot” will show on the screen, and the device will halt operation if the inner mainboard temperature rises above 75°C.

3. No-atomizer protection – If the coil is not identified, the device will not work, and “Check Atomizer” will show on the screen.

4. Short-circuit protection – If a rare short-circuit is found, the gadget will shut down and display “Short Circuit” on the screen.

5. Low voltage protection – The gadget will turn off and display “Low Battery” on the screen if the battery level is too low.

6. Over-discharge protection – The gadget will turn off in the extremely unlikely case that the battery level drops too low.

7. Overcharge protection – After the battery cell is fully charged, the gadget will cut off the charge automatically.

8. USB input protection – The gadget will instantly cease charging if the USB detects an incorrect or broken charger or cable.

How to Use Orion Vape Wisely – Tips

  • When the gadget is not in use, please switch it off.
  • Watch over your vape while charging.
  • Avoid dropping, tossing, or mistreating your gadget, as this could lead to harm.
  • Kindly make use of a conventional USB charger with a standard voltage and current range for charging.
  • Stay clear of water and any combustible liquid or gas.
  • Keep the gadget out of the direct sun, rain, dust, and mechanical shock.
  • Avoid exposing the gadget to very high or low temperatures. (Optimal operating and storage temperatures are -10-60°C/14~140°C and -10~45°C/14~113°C, respectively).
  • EEE Recycling – The product should be given to the appropriate collection location for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment rather than being handled like home rubbish.
  • Battery Recycling – The product battery should be given to the appropriate battery collection location for recycling rather than being disposed of as domestic waste.
  • Only allow trusted manufacturers and retailers to fix your device. It is not something you should try to fix on your own, as you could get hurt or cause damage.

The Bottom Line

Getting to know your Orion vape really makes a difference in how much you enjoy it. It’s easy to use: just snap the pod in, replace the coils as needed, and adjust the airflow to find the ideal balance. However, using the Orion vape isn’t the only thing to do. Maintaining it is essential. You may prolong the enjoyment of your smooth, fragrant puffs by maintaining your vaporizer in peak condition with routine charging, cautious handling, and adherence to safety instructions. Additionally, keep in mind that hiring professionals for repairs is always preferable if something goes wrong. You can get the most out of your Orion vape and make every vaping session easy if you keep these pointers in mind.

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