Do you enjoy vaping e-juice with a sweet taste? There are plenty of sweet vape juice options on the market that you can use, but what if you want to create your own using a unique sweetener? You don’t know how to sweeten e-juice? What varieties of sweeteners are there on the market? It’s not a big deal.

This blog post will explain the various sweeteners on the market and how to use them to adjust the sweetness of your vape juice to your preferences. The tastes of e-juice have made vaping more enticing, especially for those who gave up smoking.  A wider range of vape brands are entering the market as a result of the rise in demand. Every brand produces an assortment of e-juice flavors, such as fruit flavors, desserts, cola flavors, cocktail flavors, and cookie and candy flavors, to satisfy the palates of all vapers. All these flavors are delicious and refreshing.

Sweeteners to be Used in an E-Liquid

sweeteners to be used in an e liquid

The specifics of a few sweeteners you can use in your vape juice are listed below for those vape enthusiasts who want to experiment with e-liquid sweetness.


This is the most widely used sweetener on the market to enhance the sweetness of your vape juice and satisfy your sweet tooth. A very tiny amount of sucralose makes your vape juice sweet, so in terms of concentration, it is a very strong sweetener. The presence of sucrose in e-liquid is the only reason you might experience the sensation of having sugary lips after vaping.

You are aware that vape juice with a high sugar content shortens the coil’s lifespan. When sweet vape juice is used, the sugar begins to burn and builds up on the coil. You will see that the coil is covered in a black, greasy substance that prevents it from working. You have to spend extra money to change the coil occasionally.


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is produced during corn fermentation. It is less sweet than sucralose, so you will not experience the sensation of sugary lips. You will experience a cool, refreshing sensation similar to menthol when using erythritol as a sweetener in your vape juice. Additionally, because it is heat-resistant, it will not burn out and build up on the coil. Thus, you do not have to be concerned about coil deterioration.

how to sweeten e-juice? Vegetable Glycerine

One of the main ingredients of the e-liquid, along with propylene glycol, flavorings, water, and nicotine, is vegetable glycerine. E-liquid contains a specific ratio of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Typically, it is 50:50 in most e-liquids, but you can change it according to your vaping habits. Vegetable glycerine not only creates larger, denser clouds but also enhances the vape juice’s sweetness. Therefore, you can increase the amount of vegetable glycerine in the e-liquid to enhance sweetness without worrying about debris building up on the coil. 



You use stevia, a plant-based sweetener, to add sweetness to the majority of your daily desserts and drinks. You can also use it in your vape juice to make it sweet. It will produce a lot of gunk during caramelization, just like sucralose, rendering your coil inoperable.


As the name implies, it has a vanilla flavor. Although it is not a sweetener, you can use it to improve the flavor of your vape juice. You can add a tiny bit of vanillin to your e-juice if you do not like the flavor. Throughout your vaping session, it will overpower the other flavors and leave you with a vanilla flavor.

Ethyl Maltol

Ethyl maltol is a flavor enhancer, just like vanillin. It has a distinct flavor of cotton candy.   It is well known to improve the sweetness of other flavors in the e-liquid. For instance, you can add ethyl maltol to pear flavoring if you feel that it is not sweet enough. This will change the sweetness of the flavoring.

Flavor Concentrates

How to sweeten e juice? In addition to using sweaters to increase the sweetness of your e-juice, flavor concentrates can also be used to enhance the overall sweetness of the flavors. Caramel, marshmallow, butterscotch, maple syrup, meringue, marzipan, toffee, and custard are a few of these flavor concentrates.

Precautionary Measures For How to Sweeten E Juice

precautionary measures for how to sweeten e juice

To improve your vaping experience, there are a few things you should consider when experimenting with different sweeteners in your vape juice. These are as follows:

  • Be careful while adding sweetener to your vape juice. Steer clear of adding too much sweetness, as this could cause the other flavors in the e-liquid to disappear and leave just sweetness.
  • Always begin by adding a small amount of sweetener when creating your preferred e-liquid. After thoroughly mixing, test the e-liquid by vaping it, and continue adjusting the sweetener concentration until the desired sweetness is achieved.
  • Always use properly clean and sterile apparatus like bottles, syringes, and containers for making e-liquid to prevent contamination.
  • Wick and coil deterioration occurs early with certain sweeteners, such as stevia and sucralose. They transform into a sticky substance after heating and build up on the coil. Regular coil cleaning will help to avoid this. To ensure a consistent vaping experience, replace the dirty coil if necessary.



A breakthrough for the vaping industry is the introduction of e-liquid in a range of flavors, particularly the sweet one. People can now give up smoking and enjoy a wide range of new vape flavors. In order to customize the taste of their e-liquids, seasoned vapers are experimenting with different sweeteners and flavor concentrates.

They are searching for how to sweeten e juice? There are a variety of sweeteners on the market, such as erythritol, vanillin, stevia, erythritol, sucralose, and ethyl maltol. The need for time is to understand their concentration and add them in the proper amount to enhance the flavor of vape juice.  One should also be aware of the disadvantages of vaping with sweetened e-liquid. Take the appropriate safety precautions to prevent any accidents and have a satisfying vaping session.

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