The Geek Bar is a popular vaping device manufactured by a leading brand and is getting extremely famous among users because of its easy-to-use and convenient design. Some companies or people want to take advantage of these geek bars’ fame and supply counterfeit products on the market. In this article, we are going to highlight the risks of using a fake product, identify fake devices, and learn how to spot a fake geek bar. There could be many reasons for counterfeit product supply, like a rise in demand, a lack of supply, or any other reason.

Unveil the secrets of what happens when you use a fake geek bar, and what is the best place to buy a real geek bar? We’ll go through the design and appearance of the original device and packaging, plus other elements like barcode scanning and hologram verification. 

How to Spot a Fake Geek Bar?

how to spot a fake geek bar

If you are wondering how to spot a fake geek bar while purchasing your favorite geek bar vape device, here are some tips for your convenience.  


The first way to verify whether your product is legit or fake is to check its packaging carefully. The outbox of a real geek bar is laminated and light in color. While a counterfeit geek bar doesn’t have a laminated-out box and is darker in color, you can still verify your product if you use a geek bar and throw away the outbox. Just download a real Geek Bar picture from Geek Bar’s official site and start matching the features to find out the differences.


There are three barcodes printed on the real Geek Bar. On newer packaging, the EAN barcode is present on the bottom flap and twice on one side of the packaging, close to the bottom flap. 

Label Authenticity

On every genuine geek bar product, there is an authentic label. When you scratch off this label, you will find a security code on it. You can go to their official website and by entering that authenticity code, you can verify your vaping product’s legitimacy.  


Verifying a legit product through holograms is a handy feature. A legit geek bar device has a clear and colorful hologram with the letter “G,” while a counterfeit product hologram will be blurred, with faded colors, and without the letter “G.” 

Design of Top and Bottom Flap

There are visible differences between the top and bottom flaps of legit and counterfeit geek bar devices. 

Different people find several methods helpful to verify their vaping products, but the ones mentioned above are the top picks. 

Do Fake Vapes Taste Different?

do fake vapes taste different

Often, fake vapes taste noticeably different from legitimate products. Usually, inferior-quality material is used to manufacture these vape devices. Vapers may detect a chemical-like, strange, and lack of flavor as you vaped before due to the lack of regulations that are used in vape juice. Low-quality material is a major factor in a bad or different taste.

Except for this, if the nicotine salt quality is inferior, then users may experience an unwanted taste. Storage conditions also play a vital role in the taste of vaping. If you keep your Geek Bar vape properly maintained, it will maintain your vaping session. Whenever you find a different taste during your vaping session that does not feel pleasant, just stop vaping and try to be calm and easy. 

What are the Symptoms of Smoking a Fake Vape?

what are the symptoms of smoking a fake vape

Smoking a fake vape can lead to some serious health issues. It involves chest pain, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, coughing, respiratory damage, and lung disease. The smoking of fake geek bar vape has left some people with gum and mouth diseases, and heart disease has also been observed.  

TPD has set some parameters to manufacture vapes like geek bars, elf bars, etc. There is a certain procedure for manufacturers to undergo and inform or report to the governing body about whether the material used in manufacturing is original or harmless for the users. Manufacturers of counterfeit Geek Bar vaping products don’t consider the health of vapers or users to be precious or important. That’s why legalization is very important in this regard; it can save many lives. 

How do I Know If My Vape is Original?

how do i know if my vape is original

Geek Bar is a vaping brand that has earned a good name in the vaping industry. This famous product also comes in counterfeit form. That’s why it is very crucial to verify the original product. There are many ways to verify the original vaping product. You can check the authenticity label on the geek bar’s box; just scratch the coating and enter the code on their official website to verify whether your geek bar is genuine or fake. 

Except for this, you can also check holograms with the letter “G” on the original product. You can also use a QR verification code to check the authenticity. You can also check the packaging to see if there are any visible differences between the fake and original geek bar vapes. You can try any one or all of the above-mentioned methods to check the authenticity of your vaping device. 

Are Fake Vapes Worse?

are fake vapes worse

Fake vapes are illegal; they use the trademark of a company without permission and they don’t follow the company’s rules and regulations for proper nicotine strength for the country in which they are sold. A counterfeit product is not just about copyright or the company’s violation; it’s not even about the nicotine content; they do not even conduct proper tests for safety. It means there is no guarantee that what you are inhaling will enter your lungs while vaping. Vaping a fake product can lead to some serious harm. There would be physical health risks and some mental health concerns.  


Vaping a counterfeit geek bar is not free of risks; it would prove a big mistake. A user not only ruins his vaping session but also his physical and mental health. E-juice is a mixture of water, PG, VG, flavors, and mostly nicotine. This mixture creates a vapor that vapers inhale to satisfy their craving for nicotine but what happens if you want to experience a smooth vaping session but instead feel a nasty flavor and also have some health concerns? I know nobody wants to experience that unwanted situation.

Here is a complete guide on how to spot a fake geek bar that will help you unveil the secrets while selecting your favorite geek bar device. Remember to purchase a legitimate product for a smooth vaping session. You can also buy your favorite flavor of the original geek bar from an online store

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