If you’re a vaper, you know that a clean vape coil is essential for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Vape coils play a crucial role in heating the e-liquid and producing the vapor that you inhale. However, with frequent use, these coils can accumulate junk, impact flavor, become dirty and clogged, and coil performance. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cleaning your vape coil effectively, running smoothly, and extending its life.

What Is a Vape Coil, and What Does It Do?

what is a vape coil and what does it do

The vape coil is the part of your vape device that heats the juice. It’s like a coil on an electric stove. It produces even heat and turns vape juice into vapor. Some devices have built-in coils that can’t be replaced. You can pull the coils off some vape devices and clean them more easily because they are replaceable.

To have a satisfying vaping experience, coils are essential. If you want big clouds and all the juice flavor, you need a high-quality coil. To get the most from your coils, you should use the brand of coil designed for your vape device. Most vape brands have their own vape coils for their vape series. Never mix brands of devices and coils. Also, you may customize your vaping experience by adjusting the coil’s resistance level. Furthermore look for coils designed to work with your favorite wattage levels. As well, prep the coil for vaping by priming it. Just drop a little e-juice onto the coil before powering on the gadget to do this.

When to Clean Your Vape Device?

when to clean your vape device

Knowing when to clean your vape device is crucial for maintaining its performance. While regular cleaning is recommended, the frequency may vary depending on your vaping habits. It is generally advisable to clean your vape coil every 1-2 weeks or whenever you notice a decline in flavor or vapor production. If you switch flavors frequently, consider cleaning your coil more often to prevent flavor blending.

How to Clean Vape Coil?

how to clean vape coil

Cleaning your vape coil is a simple process that can help remove built-up residue and restore its performance. Follow these steps to clean your vape coil effectively.

Items you will need

  1. Sturdy plastic bowl.
  2. A small bottle of cheap vodka.
  3. Hot water.
  4. Old towel or soft cloth rag.

Step 1 Disassemble the Vape Device

Before you start cleaning, you must disassemble your vape device to access the coil.  Carefully remove the tank or atomizer that houses the coil. It’s essential to create a clear workspace to avoid losing any small parts during the cleaning process. Once you have separated the components, take out the coil head and set it aside for cleaning. Also, ensure you remember the correct order of components for reassembly later.

Step 2 Make a Cleaning Solution(Water/Vinegar/Alcohol)

Next, prepare a cleaning solution using water, vinegar, or alcohol. Use a solution of water, vinegar, or alcohol to make a mild cleaning solution. If you want to keep the coil in good condition and the flavor intact, it’s best to avoid using strong chemicals or detergents. Using gentle cleaning chemicals is essential to protecting both your health and your gadget.

Step 3 Soak the Coil in Solvent

The next step is to soak the coil in a solvent to loosen and dissolve the gunk and residue. Dip the vape coil into the cleaning solution and let it soak for around half an hour. Scrubbing the coil carefully in the cleaning solution will improve the cleaning process. If there are any hard deposits on the surface of the coil, this will help to remove them.

Step 4 Rinse the Coil

The vape coil needs to be rinsed under running water after the soaking period. To get rid of any leftover residue or dirt, use a gentle brush or your fingertips. Make sure water is flowing through the coil from both ends so that any loose particles and remains of the cleaning solution can be flushed away. Doing so helps get the coil back to its original, clean, and working condition.

Step 5 Dry the Coil

Once rinsed, pat the vape coil dry using a clean cloth or paper towel. Then, allow the coil to air dry completely before proceeding to the next step. This ensures that the coil is entirely free from moisture, promoting safe and optimal operation.

Step 6 Reassemble the Vape Device

Once the coil is completely dry, you can reassemble the vape pen. Insert the coil head back into the tank and ensure it is tightly screwed in. Attach the tank to the battery and test the vape pen for functionality. It is advisable to prime the coil before vaping by letting it sit for a few minutes after filling the tank with e-liquid.


Regularly cleaning your vape coil is essential for maintaining a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. By following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your coil and ensure optimal performance. Start by disassembling your device to access the coil, then soak it in a mild cleaning solution to remove built-up residue. Rinse the coil thoroughly, let it dry completely, and then reassemble your device. Remember to prime your coil before use to avoid dry hits and enhance flavor. Make cleaning a routine every 1-2 weeks or whenever you notice a drop in flavor or vapor production. Keeping your coil clean not only improves your vaping experience but also helps you get the most out of your e-liquid flavors.

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