Do you know about the pod systems? If you are fond of sleek, compact vape devices, you will love the Esco Bars. These are high-powered vape pods with varying nicotine strengths that offer great flavors. The hits are strong because they have been developed to cater to nicotine needs. But how much does an Escobar cost, that’s something to learn about! In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about what a pod system is, how Escobar is a pod system, why it’s better than the other pod systems available on the market, its price, and its availability.¬†

How Much Does An Escobar Cost; A Pod System

how much does an escobar cost a pod system

An Esco Bar is a vaping device used by people to enjoy their favorite flavor. The Esco Bar is a pod system. It’s an ultra compact device which is also referred to as the pod kit or pod vape. Usually, the pod systems have high nicotine strength with low wattage output. It’s an ideal choice for people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping and also for those users who want to learn how vaping devices work. Esco Bar is a pod system because it has been made extremely compact with a mesh coil inside. They have been designed for a compact look and setup. Freebase has been replaced with nicotine salts in them which gives a very smooth vaping experience for users.

Esco Bar vs A Normal Pod System

esco bar vs a normal pod system

When we talk about an Escobar vape then a user must understand that it is not just an ordinary pod system. It has been developed with a sleek design and has cutting-edge technology installed in it. Esco Bars are revolutionizing the way users experience their vaping journey. It is a compact device that is perfect for on-the-go use for all and allows everyone to enjoy their favorite e-juice anywhere without any hassle. It is the exceptional performance and versatility that sets the Esco Bar apart from the rest of the pod systems available in the market. 

The series offers a smooth draw and a robust flavor in each hit. It caters to not just the beginner’s needs but also those of experienced vapers as well. Usually, the pod systems do not have a lasting battery life, but they do have one that ensures the users are able to receive uninterrupted vaping sessions. It provides convenience and reliability, which is not an easy thing to come by in similar devices. Furthermore, it has an innovative airflow system which unlike other vapes allows users to set the settings as per their choice to experience a customized unparalleled vaping session. 

All these features that have been based on detail and user-centric design make it the best choice for users in the world of pod systems. Esco Bar is a vape that promises an unmatched experience for all no matter whether a user is just starting out or they are a seasoned vaper because it will leave you coming back for more.

Cost of an Esco Bar

cost of an esco bar

The cost of an Esco Bar vape starts at $14.49, which is indeed a game-changer for people on their vaping journey. Because of its low cost, it is now available to a wide range of customers because it is affordable. People who wanted to leave their smoking habit were hesitant to shift towards vaping because the pod systems were expensive. However, with the introduction of Esco Bars, this issue has been resolved. 

As the Escobar 2500, which offers up to 2500 puffs in a flavor is affordable, it gives an opportunity for people to explore what flavor they prefer without wasting much of their money. They have different models with different prices. Escobar 2500 is a reasonable option, especially for those who are on hit and trial basis.

Many others like Escobar 4000, Escobar 5000, and Escobar 6000 are available in the market. But, their prices do not go much higher than the other pod systems. The low cost of an Esco Bar is what makes accessibility and economic inclusivity a topic of conversation for people who are looking for smoking alternatives. It challenges the thought and myth that only a person with a high income can afford vaping pod kits if they are looking to access an ultimate smoke-free lifestyle.

Esco Bar Availability

esco bar availability

Something that is good but doesn’t get accessed so easily won’t last for long. Esco Bar has quickly become a popular vaping choice, but it’s also widely available for all in a variety of retail outlets, not just in stores but also on various online platforms. It makes it easily accessible to a broad range of customers. 

Apart from that, another major advantage that the Esco Bar offers is their availability in numerous flavors. 

They also offer various nicotine strengths to cater to the needs of everyone. It adds to its appeal as it shows that they are ensuring there is something for everyone’s preference. As their popularity increased, the vape shops started to dedicate shelves exclusively to it. Because of this, the status of Esco Bar in the competitive vape market has increased along with its accessibility. 


Escobar is a pod system where everything takes minimal space to fit. It’s elongated and sleek in shape, with a mesh coil system inside. It uses nicotine salts and has a high battery capacity as compared to other pod systems available on the market. The price starts at $14.49, which makes it a readily affordable choice for not just beginners but also experts. It delivers smooth nicotine hits with flavor. It’s also easily available, which makes it an appealing choice for customers. They also get the opportunity to change the airflow settings to customize their vaping experience. All these features combined make it the best choice for those who want to buy quality within their budget.

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