Someone who uses a Geek Bar vape, takes in nicotine with it. If someone smokes, they also take in a lot of substances but they are more harmful as compared to the ones found in vape. When someone becomes concerned about their health, they often want to learn how many cigarettes is a Geek Bar equivalent to. In this guide, you will learn about the variations in Geek Bar and how these variations affect the number of cigarettes each is equal to along with the nicotine strength of not just the cigarettes but a Geek Bar too and the adverse effects they cause. Let’s learn!

How Many Cigarettes is A Geek Bar Equivalent To; Variations in Geek Bar

how many cigarettes is a geek bar equivalent to variations in geek bar

Every model of Geek Bar cannot be equivalent to the same number of cigarettes. Their output differ because their e-juice carrying capacity is different. Just like any other brand, the Geek Bar has also introduced many models which differ in specifications. For instance, they launched the Geek Bar Pulse which has a 16 ml e-juice carrying capacity. It produces up to 15000 puffs and has the nicotine strength equivalent to the pack of cigarettes. It’s 5 percent of 50 mg in approximation.

However, many other models have also been developed like the Geek Bar B5000 which comes with a rechargeable option. The brand also has collaboration with other brands to produce a variety of flavors like with Dr Vapes. The purpose of mentioning all these models and variations is to give an idea that not all Geek Bar would produce the same number of vapor and will be equivalent to the same number of cigarettes. Some could be less, others could be more. However, one Geek Bar has been considered to be equivalent to smoking up to 48 cigarettes. 

Nicotine Strength of Cigarettes vs. Geek Bar

nicotine strength of cigarettes vs geek bar

People vape because they enjoy the nicotine hits. Some people vape with zero nicotine e-juice and just enjoy the experience of it. However, those who are looking forward to satisfy their nicotine cravings, they pay attention to the nicotine content that is present within a specific model of a Geek Bar. The strength varies depending on the model and flavor. As mentioned earlier, the Geek Bar Pulse has 50 mg nicotine strength and other models like C600, and E600 have 20 mg nicotine strength in them. They come prefilled and pre-charged for instant use.

The comparison of how much a single puff of cigarette and Geek Bar shows that when a user takes a puff, they absorb up to 0.03 mg of nicotine. However, if someone smokes a cigarette, they absorb up to 0.1mg of nicotine per puff. The mechanism of these two techniques differ from eachother and therefore the absorption of nicotine through them also vary. Not all individuals absorb the same amount and this also makes it different for everyone. If someone wants to see how much nicotine they have absorbed through each puff of Geek Bar, they need to see the nicotine strength of their device which shows the mg contained within it. 

Comparison of Adverse Health Effects

comparison of adverse health effects

Vaping cannot be considered a healthy alternative to cigarettes but if someone is willing to break their chain smoking habit, it can serve as a good option. Usually the people who are smokers switch to vaping to reduce their smoking habit and ultimately leave it in the end. The process is never easy became when you want something badly but do not get it, it starts to mess up with your overall health. However, these symptoms are temporary and go away on their own. The start is always a daunting task and to make it easier, people switch to vaping. When someone is transitioning, they have to use the high nicotine Geek Bar to curb their cravings. 

A Better Option 

a better option

The health effects of both smoking and vaping are dangerous but vaping is still a better option. It is because of the fact that smoking produces such substances that act as cancer causing agents for your organs. They lead to lung diseases and even causes cancer. The lives are at stake when someone is addicted to smoking. It not only affects their health but even their behavior is influenced by it. It has been reported that nicotine addicts are more aggressive as compared to the ones who do not take it. 

Counterfeit Geek Bar and Health Risks

counterfeit geek bar and health risks

Nicotine is considered harmful for the vascular system of humans and can cause peripheral vascular disease. Many counterfeit products of Geek Bar are now being sold in the market. It exposes the health of countless individuals to a number of serious health concerns because the nicotine content in them is quite high and the substances being used are of low quality. When someone smokes it, they get the nicotine hit but at the same time, it creates a huge burden on overall health. It gets compromised. When a user inhales a low quality heated e-juice, it interferes not just with their lungs but with their nervous system too. 


If someone smokes 48 cigarettes that contain about 50 mg nicotine, it will be equivalent to vaping a Geek Bar. However, there are different models in Geek Bar and each model has its own specifications. They have their own pod capacities for instance the Geek Bar Pulse produces up to 15000 puffs whereas others do not have the same capacity. Both of these are harmful for health but vaping is considered a relatively less harmful alternative. These cause vascular peripheral disease and lung cancer. Counterfeit products disguised as Geek Bar have opened another battle to fight for the users because these fake ones are far more dangerous as they contain high level of nicotine with more harmful substances. 

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