With the advancements and emerging markets, there are various types of vaping devices that are now available. It’s not an easy task to be specific about considering a single indicator as the common one for all because all of them are different. It’s not difficult to answer how do you know when your Esco Bar is empty.

However, there are some signs that are commonly found among all. These can be considered. In this comprehensive guide, we will learn about these along with the signs of low battery and other factors that indicate that the vape is running low on e-liquid. Vaping is a common practice these days, and people find it satisfying to experience it. If the device is empty, it can be disappointing, whether it’s the e-juice or the battery that is depleted. 

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; Recognizing Signs

how do you know when your esco bar is empty recognizing signs

Not every vape device has the same indicator or signs to show that it’s running low on something. Different vaping devices exhibit different signs. Each vape, whether it’s a pod system or a mod has a unique indication. Usually, they have LED light indicators in them that blink to show the battery is low, as it is in pod systems like the JUUL. Along with this major indicator, users often experience a reduction in vapor production and a change in flavor too. If these indicators are visible, one must always get a refill because it can lead to dry hits.

When the e-liquid isn’t sufficient, the wick of the coil won’t be saturated properly. In such situations, when a user inhales their vape, it leads to an unpleasant and burnt taste of flavor in their mouth. It is called the dry hit. It usually happens when the vape tank is empty or is running low on e-juice.

It is advised that users always run for a refill or a replacement in such cases because it can wear out not just the coil but also the entire device. They must keep an eye on it and refill it before it drops below the minimum line. It will expose the coil’s wick and lead to dry hits. If the Esco Bar is rechargeable, such as the Esco Bar 5000 or Esco Bar 6000, a user must always recharge it to maintain a consistent vaping experience.

Understanding Indicators For Low Battery

A significant impact on the vaping experience comes from low battery levels. As there are various brands of vaping devices on the market now, the signs are increasing too. A weakening flavor and inconsistent vapor production leading to dry hits are among the common ones. Usually, it does happen that the LED indicator starts to rapidly fade away which shows the battery is draining.

understanding indicators for low battery

Usually, these indicators are present among devices like Aspire, SMOK, or Vaporesso, and they can help a person identify when their device needs a charge. The way a device is charged also matters a lot. Esco Bar kits do not include a charger, but there are myths that if a user charges their device with their phone charger, it will reduce the longevity of the battery. It doesn’t happen because if a person uses a good standard charger, they can charge their device without any worries. It won’t affect the battery’s capacity.

Analyzing Indicators For E-Liquid Depletion

analyzing indicators for e liquid depletion

If the problem is not with the battery, then there will be something else. The other major indication of a draining e-juice is the reduction in vapor production. When a person inhales, they won’t be able to feel the exact same density that they previously used to feel. It shows the pod needs a replacement or a refill. This indicator is usually present in vaping devices such as the Voopoo, Suorin or GeekVape. 

Understanding LED Light Codes

understanding led light codes

Vaping devices do have LED lights which are equipped to indicate various things like e-liquid and battery levels. The codes can be read as per the devices and are usually mentioned in the user manual. These codes differ among devices, and deciphering these LED codes for different brands such as Vuse, MyBlu, or JAC Vapour can help users in making timely decision. It’s a user-friendly experience where indicators have been installed to provide such information. It makes the entire vaping experience easier for people. The need to constantly look for cues vanishes, and the experience becomes hassle-free.

Practical and Maintenance Tips 

practical and maintenance tips

Even though indicators can be helpful, there are certain things that users must consider for timely refills and recharges. It’s important to keep a spare battery or e-juice refill. It prevents running low when the vaping session is required and reduces frustration. It’s just like carrying a power bank to avoid running low on your phone’s battery. It allows users to carry on with their vaping without interruption. 

A lot of other factors also matter, like regular maintenance, which can be helpful in extending battery life. Users are advised to avoid overcharging their devices and maintain proper cleaning. Through this, their device’s longevity can be increased. The coils will remain in good condition and will last much longer than expected, reducing the cost of replacements.


Esco Bar just like any other vape, also runs low on battery or e-juice. The frustration can be avoided if users learn about the indicators. There are various indicators for low batteries, as well as draining e-juice liquid. These vary with devices, but some are common among all such as the blinking LED and the reduced vapor production.

Apart from these, users will experience a dry hit. It is advised to always go for a refill and recharge before reaching a very low level. It’s also important to take care of your device through proper maintenance, and you can also keep spare batteries and e-juice to avoid running low on your vaping session.

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