A disposable vape is designed to provide high-end experience to their users, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for maintenance. Disposable vapes are discarded after a single use. But during their usage, they can become dirty due to various reasons. When it happens, users are looking for ways to learn about how do you clean a dirty disposable vape. For that matter, we have all the answers here in the comprehensive guide for you to make this task easier.

How Do You Clean A Dirty Disposable Vape; What Are Disposable Vapes?

how do you clean a dirty disposable vape what are disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are e-cigarettes which are designed only for a single use. Some of the most prominent features include prefilled e-juice and charged battery. The battery has enough capacity to provide vaping till the e-juice gets drained completely. People choose disposable vapes because they do not require maintenance and come in a variety of flavors. 

As they have a huge range of flavors, they also have a broader nicotine strength option for users. They even have a zero nicotine option in them. They activate upon drawing and are quite compact in design which makes them highly portable. All these features give it a priority over ordinary vapes. 

How Do You Clean A Dirty Disposable Vape; Cause of Cleaning

how do you clean a dirty disposable vape cause of cleaning

As it has been mentioned that disposable e-cigarettes are made for a single use purpose then why do they need cleaning? It’s usual that once the vape is empty, it will be discarded. But sometimes, it does occur that the residue from its e-juice gets built up within its mouthpiece. 

When the user draws through it, they get a very unpleasant flavor of their e-liquid. The residual buildup doesn’t necessarily exist within the mouthpiece as sometimes it also gets on its exterior and makes the device sticky. In such cases, the dirty disposable vape must be cleaned. 

How Do You Clean A Dirty Disposable Vape; Cleaning Process

how do you clean a dirty disposable vape cleaning process

In order to clean a dirty disposable vape, some important cleaning supplies are necessary. The cleaning cannot be performed unless and until we have cotton swabs, warm water, alcohol, and drying cloth. The cotton swabs are required to clean the inner or unreachable parts. As we are cleaning the residues from e-juice, the components in it cannot be removed unless an organic solvent is used. The organic compound for this purpose is the rubbing alcohol. It removes the residual buildup with much ease. The alcohol components cannot be left on it after rubbing and must be removed by rinsing using the warm water. 

Before initiating the cleaning process, it’s important to disassemble the vape. The cleaning cannot be performed when it’s intact. The mouthpiece should be removed by a gentle twist. If too much pressure is applied, it will break it. Most of the vapes have a detachable battery. If it’s detachable, then you must detach it first. Disconnect it before proceeding. Once done, you can now start to disassemble the remaining parts of your vape. These include the tank, the atomizer, etc. 

The cleaning process includes three different parts. The external part, the internal parts and the mouthpiece. All these must be cleaned separately. In order to clean the external part, a piece of cloth must be damped with alcohol and the exterior must be rubbed with it gently. Do not be harsh, as it can affect its texture and color. It might lead to scratches and fading. In order to clean buttons, cotton swabs dipped in alcohol should be used. Usually the alcohol gets evaporated while you clean the remaining parts but it’s advised that you dry the exterior thoroughly using a drying cloth. 

The main part which needs thorough cleaning is the mouthpiece. In order to clean it, you need to mix a small quantity of dish washing liquid soap into a bowl of warm water. Once the liquid has been completely dissolved, you must soak the mouthpiece into it. Leave the mouthpiece in it for about 30 minutes. It will help in dissolving the residual buildup. After soaking, it must be scrubbed using a gentle brush. When you achieve the satisfactory results, you can now wash it under water to remove the dish washing soap from it. The final step is to pat dry.

The atomizer can be cleaned using cotton swabs and the tank must be washed thoroughly using water. Each and every part must be completely dried before it’s reassembled into one whole piece. Reassemble the part like the atomizer, tank into one unit and then reattach the mouthpiece. If the battery was disconnected, it should reconnect again. Before you vape through it, it’s important that you fire a few tests. Do not draw directly. Just observe whether it starts and how it starts. Make sure there are no odd sounds coming from it. 

How Do You Clean A Dirty Disposable Vape; After Care

how do you clean a dirty disposable vape after care

An important factor which must be kept in mind after the cleaning process is to store it in a dry place which is away from sunlight. The dry place won’t have moisture and the sunlight will not break down the e-juice components. If either of these factors are present, they will lead to residual buildup once again. Therefore, the aftercare is necessary to avoid such consequences.


Although disposable vapes are made for single use, in certain cases, the e-juice components break down and the residues build up on its internal and external parts. It leads to an unpleasant vaping experience. To resolve that, vapes must be cleaned. A simple rubbing alcohol, water and a drying cloth will be enough to clean each part. Mouthpiece must be soaked and then scrubbed to remove residues.

Once all components have been cleaned, they should be reassembled into one unit. It’s important not to start vaping directly. It must be switched on to see if it works properly to avoid accidents. After care is also a crucial part because if it’s not stored properly, it will lead to residual buildup again.

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