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Elf Bar is known for their disposable vapes. They created vaping devices to be used once in a row and then thrown out. They didn’t offer rechargeable ones at the start. However, things have changed over time. The world has changed too. Elf Bar introduced their rechargeable vaping devices. These are not disposable as they can now be recharged, refilled, and used for longer periods. If you are wondering, does the Elf Bar light up when charging or not? Let’s learn all about these rechargeable Elf Bars!

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; A Brief Introduction To Elf Bar 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; A Brief Introduction To Elf Bar

Elf Bar is an e-cigarette brand. The company develops vaping devices that are built for a single use. Users who are not interested in long-term maintenance, or those who can use a single e-juice flavor and do not feel the need to try new ones. 

Elf Bar serves all these purposes as they come prefilled with e-juice and are charged for use. Once the juice gets emptied and the charging is finished, it’s no longer used. You can get a new one with the same flavor or you can buy a different flavored Elf Bar. However, it’s a company that is popular for providing convenience to its users. 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; The Rechargeable Elf Bar Models

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; The Rechargeable Elf Bar Models

Elf Bar also introduced their rechargeable vapes. A company that wants to satisfy its customers has to broaden its strategy to serve different needs. Elf Bar wanted to do the same. Therefore, they introduced the rechargeable vaping device category. These are now suitable for those users who are into vaping but are not interested in buying a different device often. 

They are more into taking care of their device, refilling it with the e-juice of their choice, recharging it, and then maintaining it for longer periods. Some of the rechargeable Elf Bar models include Elf Bar Elfa Pod with 500 mAh battery capacity and Elf Bar Mate 500 with 500 mAh capacity. Some of the other rechargeable models include BC1600, BC3000/3500/4000/5000, BC5000 Ultra, B B3000/3500, CR5000, Elfbar 3600/5000 and TE5000. 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; Light Indicator

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; Light Indicator

Elf Bar rechargeable models have a light indicator. It will blink when the battery is low and it needs to be charged. The indicator lights up when it’s connected to a charger to show it’s charging. The indicator light gets turned off when the charging is complete. Therefore, the Elf Bar does light up when it’s charging and the indicator is how the user knows about its battery status. A blinking indicator shows it is time for the device to be charged up, and if it’s already on charge then a complete light off shows it’s full. These indicators are made for users’ convenience. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell a battery’s status just by looking at it. 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; Elf Bar Battery Life

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; The Rechargeable Elf Bar Models

The battery life depends on the mAh capacity. It varies from model to model and as the capacity is sometimes lower, the charging would take less time and it will work only for a short time too. The charging time is from 30 to 90 minutes. However, it’s not always the same time. It depends on how drained the battery is. 

If it’s completely depleted, it will take around 90 minutes to charge fully, and if it’s half full, then it will take less time. The charging time varies with the mAh capacity. When it’s higher, then the charging time will also be higher. It’s a general rule that applies to all rechargeable electronic devices. The exact charging time can only be calculated once the Elf Bar model and its mAh capacity are known. 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; Pass Through Charging

Elf Bar models have a great feature. Unlike many other vapes, they enable their users to use their vapes while its on charge. This is known as the pass-through charging. If any user wants to vape but they run out of battery, they can simply put it on charge and once the indicator starts to light up and the charging starts, they can use it to vape. However, it will increase the charging time of the battery. It will take more time to charge fully. This feature attracts a lot of users especially the ones who are addicted to vaping. They can hardly wait for their devices to charge and sometimes it is annoying for them to do so. Therefore, it’s a great option for such users. 

Does The Elf Bar Light Up When Charging; Elf Bar Charger

To charge an Elf Bar, you can use the USB port that is provided with the suitable charger. In the modern models of Elf Bar, the USB charger with Type C is used. The charger varies from model to models. The variation has advanced with time. Just like any other electronic device.


Elf Bar is a popular vape device brand. It has been known for manufacturing vaping devices for single use, or in other words disposable e-cigarettes. But, they wanted to cater to the needs of all their users therefore they introduced the rechargeable vaping device models as well. These are not built for single use. Rather, these can now be charged to be used again and again. Elf Bar lights up when it’s charging. The indicator usually blinks when the battery is low. It lights up when it’s put on charge and the light goes off when it’s completely charged. The battery charging time depends on the battery capacity, the higher ones take more time as compared to others. These can be used for longer periods as well. Elf Bar uses a type C charger and will be used by the customer for a long time only if they keep it maintained with regular cleaning. 

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